Da ist Liebe im Spiel - Thomas B.
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Ama Rie Vive

"My keywords for Ursula Rajana are:

 Integrity. BIG HEART!

What I most admire about Ursula’s way of working is how she brings together:

  • very earthy and practical knowledge,

  • decades of therapeutic experience and spiritual practice,

  • openness, acceptance and unconditional  love,

  • a great sense of humor, and what one might call cosmic guidance.

  • She is clearly inspired by higher wisdom."

     Jaqueline K., health practitioner, UK



"Without going into the theoretical background of the Unique Self teachings, it is totally clear that Ursula has the conceptual background, so that all levels of all kinds of people can be with her.

She totally tunes in with you and gives you her huge life span of her experiences, her depths, being an alchemist shaman herself through all the life challenges she opened herself up to, went through and embodied.

She tunes in where you are at and translates everything into simplicity, into clarity , into hands-on , practical enlightenment."

Chahat, co-founder of the Mystery School of Love, Netherlands



"Ursula was able to find the entrance point to my heart, my depth, my shadow and my uniqueness. I am now ready to own my power and I am happy about it.

Victor F., manager director, Belgium



"Da ist Liebe im Spiel!" or "It’s all about LOVE!"  (He wrote this song after his retreat).      

Thomas B., songwriter, Germany 



"At a turning point in my life I took time out and spent several weeks in a one-to-one Retreat  with Ursula.


She was holding space for me to find my unique answers  in a beautiful, hands-on way.

Not complicated but simple and practical.

Beautiful! This one-to-one Retreat is a guide for people  find their unique flavour of happiness!"

                Riny C., Unique Self coach, Netherlands

" I had relationship issues. I was feeling insecure, sad and stuck. I was looking for help. I already knew and appreciated Ursula Rajanas approach.  She totally gets me. She is not only able to hold space for me and make me feel safe to go deeper, but she also knows how to open up new perspectives and new dimensions in myself."

Frank A., business coach, Germany,

www. althoff-beratung.de  



"I was in  chronic pain and nobody was able to help me. Ursula Rajana was recommeded to me.

I went to see her and dived into a one-to-one retreat on Lanzarote. I spent there several weeks. I was interested to no longer just deal with the symptoms but to get to the root cause of my pain. When I left Lanzarote  I had less pain and I had gained more clarity. I opened up for change, made new decisions and finally all my chronic pain had disappeared. Since then I trust even more that it is possible that also deepest old blockages can dissolve. I felt confirmed in my own kinesiological work with people and I felt encouraged to move on.

Inputs of my last retreat on Lanzarote are integrated in my daily work.

When I think of the work we did together in my retreats my heart opens wide open!  During the last 22 years Ursula  often was holding space for me, helping me to navigate challenging phases in my life.

I am very grateful and I bow my head as she is doing great work."

Bettina M., Kinesiologist, Switzerland




"When I came to Ursula Rajana for a  3 week one-to-one retreat my heart was broken and I questioned everything I had been sure about. Again I was given the experience of abandonment. I was devastigated, in deep pain, confusion and shock. I was in a deep crisis, desperate and I needed support.

I felt fully supported during these 3 weeks of my retreat. I felt seen, heard, received and safely held. My heart could heal, but not only that. I also got something back I felt I had lost, something that had been deeply buried in the depth of my heart. Now it is in the open, ready to flourish.Trust has come back: trust in myself, in God and in my very own path.

I am now able to confidently move on and I can see how my crisis had broken me open. -

I became mother of a beautiful child."

Yana S., student, Germany



"For me Ursula  Rajana came in my life like a hand from above to bring me back to life.

I was close to step out of life. I had lost everything. I spent two months on Lanzarote.

Ursula got me back on my feet and back to essence. We shared a lot of silence together.

Carlos J., lover of love, Spain



"My retreat with Ursula was unique! It was opening up space, heart, humour, power  and self-esteem. I felt received, recognized and inspired  to bring my gift in the world. I am  gifted with words and I am now writing my first book.  She got me out of my box and cracked the code of fear around  expressing myself and fully living my power! I am no longer hiding behind my successful husband but I myself show up!

Thank you, Ursula! You got me."

Dorothea M., author, Germany

"I came to Ursula because of my sleeping problems. She had been highly recommended to me as someone very sensitive. I was looking for someone with whom  I could talk about my perceptions of invisible energies in the nights that I could not name and understand. Each night I was feeling  anxious so I could not relax and easily fall asleep.  I was given sleeping pills  but I intuitively felt that this was not the solution for my problem. Ursula was able to open the door to a deeper understanding about what made me  get involved with these energies and how to free myself. Besides that she gave me the key to open the door to love and  acceptance for myself.  

In Ursula I not only met a shaman heart warrior woman but also a real human being, who totally lives her humanness.  I loved to watch her in daily life... cooking, laughing, dancing, enjoying simple things. I saw her strong and vulnerable and not trying to hide her vulnerability. Thank you, Ursula, for teaching me to embrace my humanness, my shy and highly sensitive parts, little and big Mercedes and all the parts in between - including my power (which I was hiding for so long in order to protect myself from being rejected and judged.)

You still teach me when I think of you. Thousand times: thank you!"       

Mercedes S.S., empleada de correos,

La Palma, Spain

"Ursula, a very wise woman, grounded and divine, priestess who has travelled through aeons of times. A force of nature with a gentle, brilliant, radiant heart and sparkling spirit. Unique capacity to embody any/all emotions, present with each uncomfortable situation until the gifts are birthed on the other side."

Tina Conte, spiritual teacher, coach, USA

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