"Love IS the bridge from you to everything".

I offer a free Discovery Meeting over the phone or Skype to answer your questions and to find out whether we are meant to work together at this point  in your life.


Discovery Meeting

(over telephone or Skype)

Price: free



The focus of this Discovery Meeting is to find out if the time is ripe for you to dive into a deep, just-for-you transformational journey, and if so:

  • if we are meant to work together,

  • how long your retreat should be,

  • when your retreat should start,

  • if you are ‘ready to go’


    or if you would need some preparatory sessions over the phone or Skype before you decide and book your flight.



Pricing of retreats

I have no fixed prices. It depends on your income, your financial situation, and what you are willing to invest in yourself. Your investment will create powerful outcomes. It is your investment that will change your life.

Just think of one year from now: Where would you like to be?

How will it be for you if you do nothing? And what might happen if you give yourself the gift of rest and support in order to sow the seeds of new possibilities?

After your Discovery Meeting you will have a new awareness of what is causing your challenge, how "obstacles" can be transformed into opportunities and what is possible for YOU.

I do not wish to exclude anyone who is meant to work with me. If money really is a  problem for you, please do not be shy and tell me. Sometimes we are meant to find other ways of fair exchange.