auf dem Berg

Born into Christian culture my journey went on to

  • Zen Buddhism 

  • Tibetan Buddhism (Vajrayana Buddhism, where I got my first taste of unity),

  • my Sufi teacher (Reshad Field)

  • India ( Osho, where I took Sannyas)

  • Advaita teachings (Gangaji)

  • TAO teachings ( Master Sha)


I spent time

  • in the Findhorn Community in Scotland

  • in New Mexico (Chris Griscom,Galisteo Light Institute)

  • in the Mystery School of Rhea Powers

  • with Virginia Satir in Palo Alto and in Seattle( working with minority groups)


I had powerful shaman teachers and I was a student of Isa Lindwall, (Releasing Master) and of Daskalos, (the famous Healer of Cyprus) who is always with me.

I am inspired by Marc Gafnis Unique Self teachings and by Panache Desai, a vibrational catalyst. Both opened up a whole new dimension in me.

But the greatest teacher for me always is:


Life itself!

My teachers and masters