Ursula Rajana (more)

Professional career


I am a licensed MA psychologist and transformational psychotherapist. I studied psychology at the university of Heidelberg, psychoanalysis at Stuttgart, Germany. I got trained as a Gestalt therapist in San Diego, USA and I also trained others. I was engaged in multiracial workshops with famous Virginia  Satir (communication therapy , family constellation), whose assistant I became just before she passed away.

I have been working with people of all walks of life helping them to clear emotional blocks, and release toxins from heart and mind to get back to a healthy sense of self-worth and of their true nature. I gave retreats in three different countries and provided special “Stille-Kraft-Essenz“ retreats for women in German.

I have been searching for truth, both in science and mysticism, to find the missing links between me and others and between me and God.


Spiritual journey

My spiritual journey has taken me to different countries, different traditions, teachers and masters and eventually beyond all traditions. I had great teachers and masters. I became a student of Daskalos, the great healer of Cypris  (who is with me during readings or healing sessions when I call him), I was on the “sannyas journey” with Osho, I was several years on the Sufi path with Reshad Field and about a decade into Tibetan Buddhism.

It has taken me many years of deep exploration and forgiveness to find my “golden thread” and listen to my inner call.

My journey included years of “dropping knowledge”, leaving behind my country and career to dive into a 7-year-retreat on a mountain -in the middle of nowhere- living a simple life.

I have been playing the “heaven-hell-game” of partnership, I had deep shamanic experiences and glimpses of truth.


I have been living on the powerful island of Lanzarote for now three decades, using the intense energy of this volcanic island for transformation for myself and others.