Ursula Rajana


personal story

Cooked by Life

I would say my story is a story of healing the heart. I grew up in Germany right after second world war in a house of suffering and unconsciousness. My life was marked by early traumatic experiences and trauma transformation, a journey from self-doubt to self-worth and self-Love.

It has taken me decades to see the larger picture:

  • how it all served to open my heart for deeper compassion, love and understanding of what it means to be human,

  • how absence of love has kicked me in the direction of my own awakening to get me to the depth of who I am beyond my story and personality,

  • and how it prepared me to become a bridge for others- in service of love.


My purpose and passion in life is to bring love, light, depth and heart into the life of others and to hold space for transformation.


Professional career

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