A professor of philosophy went to the Zen Master Nan-In, and asked him about God, meditation, and so many things. The Master Iistened silently and then he said, "You look tired. You have climbed this high mountain, you have come from a faraway place. Let me first serve you tea."

The professor waited. He was boiling with questions. But while the samovar was singing and the aroma of the tea started spreading, the Master said to him, "Wait! Don't be in such a hurry. Who knows? Even by drinking tea your questions may be answered."

The professor started wondering whether his whole journey had been a waste. 'This man seems to be mad. How can my question about God be answered by drinking tea?" But he was tired, too, and it would be good to have a cup of tea before descending the mountain.


The Master brought the kettle, poured tea in the cup, and the tea started overflowing in the saucer, but he went on pouring. Then the saucer was also full Just one drop more and the tea would start flowing on the floor! The professor said, "Stop! What are you doing? Can't you see the cup is full, the saucer is full?"


And Nan-In said, 'That's the exact situation you are in. Your mind is so full of questions that even if I answer, you don't have any space for it to go in. And I tell you, since you entered this house, your questions are overflowing all over the place. This small hut is full of your questions! Go back, empty :our cup, and then come. First create a little space in you".