I have two big passions in my life that couldn’t be any more different: the first is to express clear thoughts in words, to be comprehensible, to structure ideas and to draw conclusions. My other passion is to be free, to dance, to move, to perceive and to make that which cannot be named accessible to experience and expand into a space that words cannot do justice.


I’ve spent many years of my life on my first passion as a lawyer and on having a family and children. I’ve also been pursuing the second passion for many years and have found my own coordinate system, how to connect with heaven and mother earth upright as a child of heaven and earth, openhearted AND horizontally connected with others.


The holy geometry then is shining through, when we are present in our heart. It allows the river of life run through us as part of the whole, that nourishing us.


This retreat is all about nourishing us from source. It saved my life when I felt caught in severe illness. And now I would like to share what was helpful for me.


My path has started in my youth with Zen meditation, and has brought me to anthroposophy (trained in Bothmer gymnastics), I’m acquainted with different forms of therapy, most recently quantum matrix work and I have a great love for Qigong, especially Lotus Gong (Master Wei Ling Yi).

It‘s my passion and gift to contribute Qigong (Lotus Gong) as a beneficial support in this retreat.

Ellen in Bewegung.JPG