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We invite you to partner with us in quickenung our own process of transformation so our clients/students/patients can be supported by us in more heart-centered ways.


We, who support others professionally are often confronted with the world s darkest challenges such as desease, depression, addiction, abuse, poverty and other sufferings while we are struggeling with our own challenges.


We tend to escape overwhelm through excessive food, alcohol, sex, social medias etc.


We try to keep our head above water because we do not want to lose face when we are off balance ourselves.



In these challenging times we need each other. We all need support.

We need to know that we are NOT alone.


WELCOME, if you would like support:

  • to navigate through your personal and professional challenges,

  • to return to balance

  • to expand your supporting skills in a more heart-centered way beyond concepts

  • to find back your passion for life!


We are here for you.