You are welcome simply as you are.​

This is an invitation to rest and let go of all the ideas of how things should be and you should be. It is an invitation to connect deeper with yourself while you are dealing with separation, loss, addiction, depression or fear of change. In times of crisis, change and process it is helpful to find a place - inside and outside- where you can rest and find your unique answers.

You are NOT alone. Grace is available.

You are invited to stay open in the midst of it all, to NOT numb your pain or close your heart. You are invited to meet confusion, pain and fear with love and compassion, for only then you will be able to receive the message and the blessings of your crisis.

For this, you may need a professional guide.


read PDF: >You are NOT alone<


You are NOT the problem.

You are the solution.

Think of the butterfly. Its time in the cocoon is not a problem but part of the solution!

I am here for you to guide you through your process on your very own path from fear- to LOVE, to what you truly are.


"My Keywords for Ursula are  " INTEGRITY. BIG HEART! "

Jaqueline Kareh, health practictionar, UK



"I would say it is a unique chance to be with this woman on your inner journey on Lanzarote! Every journey is custom- made  because Ursula totally connects with you."

Chahat, co-founder of the Mystery School of Love, NL


"Ursula, a very wise woman, grounded and divine, unique capacity, to stay present  in uncomfortable situations until the gifts are birthed on the other side." 

Tina Conte, spiritual teacher, coach, USA

Check out this offer, trust your intuition, and confidently take your next step.


Come, come, whoever you  are...

wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving,

it does not matter, ours is not a caravan

of despair... "