" Love is the bridge between you and everything"



We will meet each day at a place of

love and acceptance


Morning Start:

Breathing ocean air in the morning, swimming and walking along the beach to my place...

smelling love, tasting love, touching love and bringing love into the body...


Centering, stillness: time in nature, meditations and rituals in caves, in a pyramid or at my place...


Daily focus:

We want to bring body, mind, heart and soul

back into ONE!


Daily work:

Depending on where you are in your process

and according to your needs we will have:


  • Body work, energy work, massage

  • TAO healing sounds, chanting,

  • sacred toning

  • Energy Readings,

  • Releasing Work

  • Gestalt work

  • Inner Child Work

  • Integrative Shadow Work

  • practices to ignite Self-Love

  • transformational sound techniques

and more


I use these tools because they are helpful to raise your vibration, to address the underlying causes of your crisis and your core-wounding, to integrate what you rejected, to retrain your mind and to shift your consciousness in order to get you out of the box where you are stuck, and back to love and expansion.


Free time:

There will be enough free time to hang out...

  • to walk in nature, by yourself or with a guided group 

  • to explore little-known caves entering deep down to

  • Mother Earth

  • to play at the beach, enjoy a good swim, eat delicious   fresh fish

  • to visit the Cueva Verde and Jameos del Agua, created by famous architect César Manrique

  • to visit local handicraft markets

  • or just to enjoy your own company

From day to day

Menschen im Sonneuntergang