All is vibration

In my work I combine ancient wisdom, psychological methods and scientifically proven transformational sound techniques to raise your vibration.

Since Einstein we know that we cannot solve problems from the same energetic place they have been created. We need to shift our consciousness. We need to raise our frequency from the  lower fear based  mind frequencies  into the higher frequency of the heart, the frequency of Love that will open up new perspectives. 

I found it helpful to use some modern vibrational tools to connect  with higher frequencies - as not  everyone is familiar with meditation or used to meditate on a regular basis to dive into higher states of consciousness.


These vibrational tools are scientifically proved. They are transformational sound techniques like:


*Brainwave Entrainment

Sound tones to stimulate and balance your brain and to create new neuropathways. They organize  your brain into  higher states of consciousness that you normally can only reach in deep meditation.


*Ancient solfeggio frequencies

Healing  frequencies of Love , based on ancient six-tone scale, used in sacred music like the well known Gregorian chants or Sanskrit chants.

They use special tones to liberate you from guilt and fear and re- align you with the frequency of Love.