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Maybe it is no accident that you landed on this page.

  • Are you struggling with change?

  • Are you stressed out or close to burnout?

  • Are you in a spiritual crisis?

  • Do you feel alone, anxious or depressed?

  • Do you want to know what love is?

  • Are you ready to let go of the struggle?


Then it is time to give yourself the freedom to realize:

"I am stuck. I need help."


Your body may be telling you: "Stop, step back, relax!"

Maybe you already thought of taking time out.

Preferably on a sunny island, away from it all.


But you do not want to be alone and do it all alone.

You would like support and wise, loving guidance from an experienced professional.


You are NOT alone.

I am here for you.


I am Ursula Rajana. 

I am a licensed psychologist, spiritual life coach and transformational therapist with more than 30 years of experience. I provide Transformational Retreats on the island of Lanzarote where I have been living for many years.

I am deeply connected with the transformative energy of this volcanic island. I have the skills, the wisdom and plenty of life experience to guide you through your challenge into a new dimension of yourself. I offer Transformational Retreats on a one-to-one basis, custom-made for you, in your situation.

You get my full, undivided attention

and you are safely held on your inner journey.


Why one-to-one retreats?

Over the years, I have found a one-to-one approach to be the most transformative for sensitive people who are going through a personal or spiritual crisis, or who are suffering from some form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

This is especially true for highly sensitive people or HSP’s, who tend to absorb other people’s energies and problems, on top of their own. They first of all need space to breathe and some undivided attention, so they can come home to themselves and reconnect with their rich inner resources.


Highly Sensitive Persons or HSP’s

For me, it was a relief to recognize many of the characteristics of Highly Sensitive Persons within myself. So much of my own struggles and needs in my personal life suddenly made much more sense, having recognized and respected myself as being highly empathetic and intuitive.

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